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Bend lines not showing on the dxf exported file from a bent sheet metal part?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Oct 20, 2015
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Good morning all,

Question with exporting a bent sheet metal part to a dxf file.  I normally do not try to export a part file to a dxf file with the bend lines showing on the file, but another guy here questioned me on this a little while ago and I can confirm that the bend lines are not showing on my machine either when exporting.  I usually just flatten the part, then right click and export to dxf then have the sheet metal and geometry buttons ticked off but if I also tick off the "bend line" button, then export, the bend line will NOT show up on the file.  Last week, prior to me giving him my part template file to use as a default, he used the SW default and said the bend lines WERE showing up on the dxf file so there must be something in my part template that is different with a setting?  The file does have the "view sketches" option checked off in the heads up toolbar.  Please see below.  Thanks.