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Speed optimization in Flow Simulation: Manipulation of Parameters with API

Question asked by Alexander Köhler on Oct 20, 2015

Hello community,


at University Fulda, we use SolidWorks Flow Simulation for
CFD simulations. Our intention is to simulate the climate locally distributed inside
a room. The simulation model was successfully created and works fine.


Now we want to design a controler in MATLAB. We have programmed
a software adapter (C ++), that couples the MATLAB engine with the API of Flow
Simulation. The coupling works well.


Currently, we run one iteration in SolidWorks and then stop.
During the stop phase all values are calculated by MATLAB and transfered to the
room-modell in Flow Simulation. So, the volume flow (boundary condition) is
changed in Flow Simulation. Then, the next solver iteration is executed in Flow


The problem is that the procedure with Start-Stop takes a long
time, making a CFD simulation with 15-minute stepsize for one year is
impossible. Each iteration takes around 2 minutes. The solver needs some time before
each iteration for the step "model is being prepared" and
"initialization". Sporadically the solver hangs at the step "model
is being prepared".


Is there a way to manipulate simulation parameters
with the API during the running CFD simulation? Or is
another way to implement the described concept in a faster way?

I would appreciate an answer.


Thank you!



Your Alex