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Help with toolbox

Question asked by Leon Newton on Oct 19, 2015

Hi all.


I have been given a task to do by our lecturers. it involves taking a shaft that was in a zip file, opening it in solid works, adding a woodruff key and a spur gear and putting a few brings on with sir-clips. i have got the thing open in a new assumably and added the woodruff key fine. re sized the key and added the appropriate mates but when i import anything of the other parts from toolbox i cant specify there characteristics.


Take the spur gear for example. I go in to toolbox, ISO, drivetrain, gears and then drag a spur gear on to the shaft. As expected a gear arrives with about 15 teeth. on the left of the screen there are a load of drop dawn boxes to select things like number of teeth, width of gear and type of keyway witch i duly fill in before clicking the little green tick but noting happens. the gear just stays the same. this also happens with bearings. you drag them onto the shaft, specify there characteristics but nothing changes. the bearings don't even set there size to the surface you drop them on to. nor do the sir-clips fill the grooves you drop them in. all however create a concentric mate when dropped onto the shaft so there is some interaction.


This is a refresh exercise of stuff that last year i was doing with ease but since installing the new student edition its just not working for me.


Any advice please as i am well and truly stuck.


All the best, Leon