Andy Warren

SW Designer in LA?

Discussion created by Andy Warren on Aug 27, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2007 by Matt Lombard
Does anyone know the going salary for LA? I do some Moonlightingand one of my customers is bitching about price. He says he hasfriend at a company in LA and they only pay $22 to do advance 3DSolidWorks designs. Something like 5,000 designs in 3 years ofexperience. It is a company call Sam Pievac, if anyone knows thedesigners there. It is not apples to apples design work (because heis doing something totally different than I am doing on the sidejob). But I still think he is full of it saying they only paysomeone with that much experience in LA $22. Hell I know of usersin Po-dunk TN and KY that make that much an hour...