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Fixtures on Weldment

Question asked by Richard Dyar on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by Richard Dyar

Hey guys,


I've got a weldment that I'm having a hard time running some fairly simple FEA on. Attached is a screenshot that shows the Fixture in RED, that fixture point is a plate on which a Pillow Block Bearing is bolted. These bearings hold a shaft that is fixed.


Showing in Green are points to which a cylinder, the type of which is inconclusive is mounted. This cylinder pushes up on the frame and forces it to rotate about the fixed shaft.


The cylinders produce 1200 lbf, and the CG of the frame and the components mounted on it weight 800lbf and I've ran statics to get the summed forces. The two loading conditions I'm trying to investigate are F_x = 498lbf  F_y =291lbf and F_x = 364lbf  F_y =343lbf


I've having some issues fixture this setup and I'm not sure what trick could use to get a decent result.


Thank you in advance,