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    ePDM local working folder

    Chris Champions

      In workgroup PDM, I created and saved a new file in a local working folder (local copy - cached file in ePDM if I use correctly here) before check into the Vault

      for most of you here (ePDM), you create and save a new file in File Vault View or  an extra local folder

      Thank you

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hello Chris, yes for EPDM, every client machine has a local view installed on their computer (typically on the C drive or the desktop). This local view is a special folder which users log into, can add files, check out files, and check files back in after making changes.


          The local view is their view into a EPDM vault.





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            Faur Arama

            Hello Cris,

            You don't need an extra local working folder. Work with epdm folder as a local one. A file is added to the vault only on first checkin. Till that it reside on your workstation. On version 2015 all users can see that file was added to the vault (based on permissions) - the file reside in a "private state" till first checkin.