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Understanding the NEW Backdating Subscription Policy

Question asked by Bhavarth Sharaf on Oct 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

Hello there...


I recently heard about the NEW Subscription Backdating Policy applicable from 1/1/16.

Personally I did not like this new policy. I feel that Solidworks is charging too much money for their subscriptions

It takes all juice from the small companies indeed.

We purchased a standalone Solidworks Professional license a year ago and my current subscription will expire on 30th October, 2015.

I am still unclear regarding this policy. I couldn't understand it fully. I have a few questions. Any comments on this will be very helpful to make decisions.


How much will it cost if I -

1) Buy subscription (Professional) before 30th October,2015(before my current subscription expires)?

2) Buy subscription in mid of December

3) Buy subscription after 1st January,2016

4) Buy subscription in June 2016


I would request to provide help on these topics with its calculation.

Thanks in advance for support.