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Controling appearences with configurations and design tables

Question asked by Anders Klem on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Anders Klem

Hi All


Is there any way to link/lock a set of appearences to a configuration and furthermore have more configurations share the same set of appearences?


EXAMPLE: I have a component (a cube) that comes in 3 different sizes (3x3x3mm, 4x4x4mm and 5x5x5mm) and 2 different colors (Glossy Black and Brushed Brass) and I want to have all variations accessible as configurations.


3x3x3mm_Glossy Black

4x4x4mm_Glossy Black

5x5x5mm_Glossy Black


3x3x3mm_Brushed Brass

4x4x4mm_Brushed Brass

5x5x5mm_Brushed Brass


I know I can link display states to configurations, but that creates a display state per configuration, and requires that the display states have individual names, so if a specific appearance is desired for more configurations, duplicate display states would be required (eg. "Glossy Black_01", "Glossy Black_02", "Glossy Black_03", "Brushed Brass_01", "Brushed Brass_02" and "Brushed Brass_03".)


$COLOR in a design table controls the color of a whole part but it doesn't consider any other appearance settings such as texture, specularity, transparency ect., neither does it allow individual bodies, features or faces of a part to have different appearances in different configurations.


At my job, we do a lot of variations on parts where both size and color is varied and we usually render out all variations, so in bigger assemblies it's really time consuming to go back and forth to change and match up configurations and display states.


I feel that I have tried everything, yet I can't imagine that it's not possible to do


Best Regards - Anders