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Student Edition watermark appearing on Standard edition files

Question asked by Seamus Riordan on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by Richard Wehmeyer

I learned to use SolidWorks using the Student Edition license.  Later, I upgraded to SolidWorks Standard so that I could use the software for production purposes.  The Standard software was installed on the same computer that the Student Edition was installed on.  I'm now having the problem that parts/assemblies created using the Standard edition are treated as Student Edition files.  This includes the "...for instructional use only" warning being displayed when a part/assembly is opened, a graduate cap appearing next to all items in the design tree, and saved images being watermarked.  This has affected files that I create from scratch, and files that I import and save from other CAD users.  I have two questions:


1.  How can I stop the Standard edition from saving parts/assemblies as Student Edition files?


2. Is there way to clean the files I have created/saved since upgrading to Standard, so they are no longer treated as Student Edition files?