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    Paul Whitehead

      Hi new to the forum - today.

      just got the 2015 education version.


      i cannot apply any scenes


      when i try and click and drag a circle with a diagonal line appears - so I suppose it it saying 'no can do'?


      Im running a basic £250 laptop - no idea re graphics card


      might it be that the background scenes will not work on a low spec computer?





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          Peter De Vlieger



          Without knowing the specs of your laptop is not possible to say for sure but most likely indeed your laptops graphics card is just not able to handle it.

          SW is after all very graphic intense and applying scenes or anything else that has to do with lighting effects makes it even more so.


          If you consider the fact that even with a good SW approved card one still has to make sure to be running the latest SW approved driver for that approved card then I think it's safe to say that the problem is hardware.


          Have a nice one