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eDrawingsViewer 2016 Components list selection problems

Question asked by Gerald Kratzert on Oct 17, 2015



in order to work around the "show all" bug, I could select all parts in the components list, click "hide" and then "show" and all parts would be shown. But there are problems:

  • There is no way to easily select all parts in the components list - "Strg-A" doesn't work. There is no "Select all" in the popup menu. I can't select all parts in the 3d view, since there aren't any.
  • So I select, the first part, scroll down to the last part. Click Shift and select the last part. Depending on how many parts you have, this needs about 1-2 minutes, while eDrawingsViewer 2016 is not responsive at all (for some hundred parts). This is not acceptable.
  • In addition the scroll wheel of my mouse doesn't work inside the components list. Only in the scrollbar itself, but then I wouldn't need the scroll wheel at the first place, wouldn't I?
  • If I select a assembly all parts in the 3d model get green and selected - but not in the components list. I would think that this should correspond, don't you?