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eDrawingsViewer 2016 "show all" bug

Discussion created by Gerald Kratzert on Oct 17, 2015
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I skip right away the rant about how buggy eDrawingsViewer 2016 is, how much negative impact this has on our workflow and that all my fellow coworkers and myself are seriuosly frustrated that Solidworks is not able to provide a bugfree version of eDrawingsViewer for nearly a year now.


I just jump to the bug report:


We have an easy assembly, which looks like this (Solidworks drawings open fine so far):

So, I open the sldasm file and get this:

Never mind I think, just right click and select "Show all" - doesn't work, nothing changes. In the components list all elements are "shown":

If I select every item in the components list and "Hide" it and then "Show" it, the items show up, but there is no way I found to do that for all items at the same time.

This only happens to sldasm files, which are touched with Solidworks 2015. Older files from 2014 don't have this problem.