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    Blank size cells in hole table?

    Aaron POE

      I know this has been a long running issue in Solidworks, but is there a way to get non-circular holes (I am using square holes for carriage bolts) to be automatically populated in the size column of the hole table? I can't find any suitable substitutes in the hole wizard. As you can see in my image, about 90% of the blank size cells are actually the same size square holes. So not only is the size not populated, but it wont combine same size holes into one tag because there is no size information. Is there a "simple" work around without having to manually enter the information and manually update it when there are changes made to the part? As you all already know this gets very time consuming and aggravating. Thanks in advance for the help. 

      I found the caption below on the 2013 Solidworks Help forums. I wasn't sure if this had been addressed or not since then.

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          Dennis Bacon

          I sure do wish I had 2013 to test this on but it apparently 2013 does not have (what they call slots) slots in the hole wizard. I did this in 2015 and used the hole wizard slot to come up with what is below. In my opinion a slot does not necessarily have to have rounded ends like an obround and I believe they should have the option of square corner for this tool but seems like they don't. Kind of silly. I used the HW slot tool and punched in the numbers to make them square or rectangular. I Made a couple of configs (with show or hide linked Display States) and added cut extrudes to show the slots with square corners (with relations to slots). When you edit the obrounds the rectangles and squares update with it. I know this is more work than it should be but it does work as you can see in the table. I will check this out in 2016 to see if they have added squares and rectangles to he HW. Life would be so much easier if they did.