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solidworks simulation professional without CAD

Question asked by Umberto Zanola on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Jim Riddell

To make a long story short, as FEM need a lot of time for setup and run, we don't want to lock a CAD license and a workstation to perform this task.

We prefer a separate machine that can run for hours without fearing a crash or slowdown while a user is modeling.


This is probably a silly question, but from all the pamphlets I received is nowhere written that Solidworks Simulation is a simply addon to a solidworks license and seems to be advertised as a complete separate package (not explicitly, but even the opposite is not cleary stated), it is not written in the requirements that you need a solidworks (standard or whatever) to run it. So I imagine I can run the software, load a model, setup the analysis environment and kick the simulation but... am I missing something?

Is it possible to use simulation package to load a cad model and use only the simulation enviroinment?

I think it is some basic piece of information, but it is not cleary stated that it is an mere add-on and we had the salesman offering even a dedicated workstation,

but without the cad license (anyway I will call them next week, but it would be nice to have some feedback beforehand).


Thanks in advance