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Show/Hide Layer within sheet format

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by Sarah Dwight

So I wanted to add a watermark to my template/sheet format in a layer I could turn off and on.

I got the watermark to work, but now my layers are causing problems. If I start with the watermark layer off, then turn it on and rebuild it works fine. If I try to turn it off, it doesn't work. My watermark stays even though the layer is hidden. This doesn't happen when the note is not part of the sheet format.

If I open the "Edit Sheet Format" the note does follow the show/hide state of the layer, but I don't want to constantly be opening and closing the edit sheet format feature to hide/show the layer. That defeats the purpose of the hide/show layer option.

How do I fix this?