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How to write right equation for Part with various configurations?

Question asked by Aleksandr Hohlatsov on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Aleksandr Hohlatsov

I have one Big assembly, where have one small assembly with two different configurations (A and B).


Assembly(A,B) includes two parts. One part has two configurations(100*200 and 200*400), and part 2 has equations:
"D1@Sketch1" = "D1@Sketch1@part1.Part"

"D2@Sketch1" = "D2@Sketch1@part1.Part"


I want that part 2 has always the same dimensions like part 1. But it can be only in one assembly and it depends on what configuration was edited last!!!

How to fix this? Is there some types of equations where I can write some key words like "@configuration/$configuration" or something like that?? Or may be other decision???