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EPDM 2016 PDF Custom Properties

Question asked by John Watkins on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by John Watkins

I have templates created in my vault that create fill out excel files currently.  Due to the horrible nature of how the excel files show up in the preview window and the limitation of excel to only allow 256 characters to populate a cell from a custom property.  I would like to move to using PDF files.  I know that in 2016 they have added the option that we can write to a PDF customer property now.  I have created a test form and data card in 2016 PR1 and can get the information to move from the data card to the custom property.


Current issues in question:

1. How do I get the information from the custom property back to the text field in the PDF?

2. Is anyone else trying this yet?

3. Does anyone know if the character limit exists in this format too?



I would rather switch to the virtual data card, but I have to many users in the company that require a print out of the file to move with job packets, so that is not an option.