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    EPDM 2016 PDF Custom Properties

    John Watkins

      I have templates created in my vault that create fill out excel files currently.  Due to the horrible nature of how the excel files show up in the preview window and the limitation of excel to only allow 256 characters to populate a cell from a custom property.  I would like to move to using PDF files.  I know that in 2016 they have added the option that we can write to a PDF customer property now.  I have created a test form and data card in 2016 PR1 and can get the information to move from the data card to the custom property.


      Current issues in question:

      1. How do I get the information from the custom property back to the text field in the PDF?

      2. Is anyone else trying this yet?

      3. Does anyone know if the character limit exists in this format too?



      I would rather switch to the virtual data card, but I have to many users in the company that require a print out of the file to move with job packets, so that is not an option.

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          Tom Helsley



          1. I don't know much about how Acrobat handles custom properties, but I'd guess that you need to create a java script in the document to copy the custom properties to your form's fields.  VB using Acrobat's API might be another way.  Hopefully, someone has some examples or better ideas that they can post.
          2. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm curious to see what everyone says about it.  Thanks for posting on this topic, John.
          3. If I recall correctly,  The 256 character limit is not file specific, but has more to do with the interaction of the data cards and custom properties of any file.  I just noticed that the SWW 2016 top ten list (SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List: Now Open For Idea Submission) is now open for (supposedly) ideas.  This would be a great one to add to it.
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            Jeremiah Davis

            Hello John,


            I recently saw an article (and am frantically searching for it again) that talked about using XML documents for ECx's. The article explained how you could leverage the file metadata directly in the XML along with a CSS to format the output. In the end, your ECx documents are much smaller in size and are immediately printable from wherever they reside. This also eliminates the limitations of using the 256 characters and allows a much longer field.


            I will continue to look for this post and should I happen across it, I will post the link here. But hopefully this also gives you enough to start also searching this out.