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Inv User, ideas for Weldments

Question asked by Brian Corbin on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi Guys,


Long time Inv User now building SWX weldments. Enjoying the modeling side, not so much the documentation side :-)


Couple of ideas for modeling side which would be a HUGE help for me, but maybe these can already be done a different way? Thanks!.


1. The Multibody weldment tool cutlist has fantastic functionality for tracking which parts are the SAME and which are different. Could this be expanded to show which parts are MIRRORS?

Mirrored parts are an important thing to identify for drawing sets. sometimes a very long beam or PFC will have the same length & number of holes, but maybe the holes are in different locations (Slightly). Manually trying to identify and find these is a real pain. Surely the software could take this responsibility? Like just a graphical thing in the cutlist would be fine?


2. Gussets. The gusset tool is great, but currently cannot be used for the most common type of gusset. Like a gusset inside a Structural PFC section or inside an I_Beam. I create these ALL DAY LONG, but cannot use the gusset tool?