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    I have random stray points on my drawing. Anyone know why?

    Martin Tofts

      Hello Forum,


      Can anyone tell me why I am getting random stray points on this drawing? It happens when I convert entities on the end of the weldment.

      It started when I added a block, converted the entity, and then used autodefine. It decided to use the origin for the datum point...


      I also cannot remove the centre cross for the landing plane. I did a drawing two days ago with almost the same setup, but on that one there are not centre marks...


      I can't seem to find out what has changed, and where the changes have happened


      I think it is similar to this question: Cannot delete stray points in sketch! , but there is no answer to this...


      Any help?

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          Garrett Matheron

          From what I was seeing, those aren't random marks: Those are the control points & center marks for the partial ellipses and arcs you have created/converted, which cannot be deleted. Keep in mind if you want to hide your sketches, use either the View dropdown or the glasses in the heads up display and turn off sketches; otherwise you can also just hide the sketch in question.

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              Martin Tofts

              Thanks for the quick reply.


              I understand what they are, and that they are there for a reason. What I don't understand is how come they have suddenly appeared. They weren't on the last drawing, and it's pretty much the same thing. Now I cannot do much to my drawing without loads of these points appearing near the origin.


              There is also a point that I cannot delete, and it says that it is an arc point. I'm not sure if these two concerns are related, but

              they are happening in the same region.


              I am in the same place as the guy in the question highlighted in my question above.


              ..."Would someone PLEASE look at this file and tell me ...

              (1) Why can't I delete these points?

              (2) What do i need to do to delete them?

              (3) What the hell did I do that caused these points to become immune to deleteion?

              (4) What possible reason would the developers have to prevent unassociated/unrelated/unconnected/isolated points from being deleted???..."


              ...thank you for your suggestion, however simply altering their visibility is not the approach I'd prefer since I prefer to operate with those options checked on as I find them useful drawing aids.  I actually want to *delete* them and more importantly understand why I can't....


              I'm kinda with him on this one. Although I can delete most of the points, it just deletes the drawing too. I do not want to hide them. I need this resolving on why they are now appearing.

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                  John Stoltzfus


                  Where are they now??


                  Here is what happens - when you cut a radiused component is being cut on an angle SW takes the liberty to guess where those points need to go, however they can almost go into infinity and at time can be hard to find. 


                  The only way to get rid of them is to select the face you want the sketch, like in this case at the end of your channel, then use the line tool and draw a line point to point, then in the corners add circles that are coincident with the sketch end points and tangent with the radius cut, then trim the circle, however based on the angle of the projection you will need to possibly do additional trimming, if you do that and add an additional part then the radius corners aren't going to match 100%, if you need it to be perfect then add a spline and enough of points to keep it anchored, but smooth.


                  That is the only way .........

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Only one point which is the plate sketch - the other sketch was deleted......

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                    Martin Tofts

                    Thanks for the replies, and for taking time to have a look for me. I've actually come from a 2D background, and I am new to this. It appears that automatic 3D has some hidden confusing aspects....


                    This file does not have them as you have deleted the converted drawings I am talking about. I think this is what you are aiming for.


                    I have just checked the other drawing, and the extra points are there, but they a much further distance away, and hidden. You do have to zoom out a lot to find them. Also, it appears that the centre points of the arcs (from the landing planes conversions) disappear if you use the arcs in a filled surface (Please see attached). Does that mean that when you use a sketch to create a 3D model, it automatically hides the sketch entities? (In this case, the arcs).


                    Furthermore, why are the points that far away? The sketch is only of a bit of channel. If I do it manually as suggested, there are no references like that...?


                    This has all started from attempting using blocks instead of converting, but blocks don't seem to contain constraint references when exploded, or cannot be used to loft when not (or have I used the loft tool incorrectly?). I just want to keep everything as simple as possible.


                    Is there a way to block a sketch but still keep shape constraints when exploded (not including positioning)? Otherwise, it just takes as much time to create as drawing a sketch. When I was using AutoSketch, the 'clone' tool copied everything, and saved loads of time.