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selecting external edges with a box is selecting edges of components inside assembly

Question asked by Mark Schwandt on Oct 15, 2015

I have all the normal boxes unchecked in the options, but for some reason, SW 2015 wants to select the edges inside my assembly.


I'm trying to hide a few edges of PEM studs on the outside of the box, but if I select the edges with a box, it selects the edges of components inside the assembly that aren't even visible. They are parts inside a sheet metal box, and it's closed.


If I do the exact same operation on a 2014 file in SW2014, it works just as advertised, I can select the external edges with a box, and it works fine. Fast too. But the moment I try it in 2015, The computer starts chugging away, and then all the internal, as well as external edges highlight.


This is frustrating, as I have even tried hiding the pems and selecting hole edges, and it still goes nut trying to select all internal edges as well.


Any suggestions where to look?