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Font Incorrect When Adding Revison to Table

Question asked by Janek Popiolek on Oct 15, 2015

Could someone please tell me how rectify the following?:


If I insert a revision table into a drawing, then Add Revision the font of the new revision line is the built in Century Gothic and not the one specified in our own Revision Table template.


There isn't a problem in new drawings created from our DRWDOT template. This template drawing contains a Revision Table and even if that is deleted and re-inserted the Add Revision line comes in fine with the desired font.


But when we add our Revision Table to say an old drawing (made before our template was made? I don't know), the result is as shown in the attached image: the heading line is fine, but when a revision is added we get the Century Gothic font.  It must draw it from somewhere.  Note: Document Properties > Tables > Revision > Text > Font... is set at our preferred style in all drawings.