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    install and setup ePDM

    Chris Champions

      Has anyone here tried to install and setup ePDM for the company? as I heard most were done by VAR

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          Craig Schultz

          Yes.  But I had previous experience setting up at my last job.  If you haven't done it previously, it would most likely make you pull your hair out.  The VARs will ask you a lot of questions about your processes and put together some workflows and data cards based on your conversations.  But you will most likely be updating those pieces of the puzzle once you start implementing the system.  It's an ever evolving project.

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            Tyler Johnson

            We had VAR time purchased with our license package purchase to be used with the install but we ended up not using much.  We set it up almost completely internally and only used a handful of VAR time to ensure we were doing things the best way.  Our VAR has been very helpful in answering questions and helping steer us in the right direction and for troubleshooting issues.


            IT handled the server setups and installing clients.  Myself and another coworker are the admins and we handled the creation of all the workflows, cards, users, groups, all that good stuff.  Neither of us had any prior vault related experience before this.  I have a basic understanding of the IT side of things, but like last month we setup our first replicated server and I just told IT we needed it and they handled it.


            I think it was good we did it this way.  We have internal people with a deep understanding of the workflows and we were able to setup the little things exactly the way we wanted.  However even now like Craig said it's an ever evolving process.  It was also a huge time investment up front.  My coworker and I took admin training in Nov or Dec and we didn't start actually importing any files until April.  Granted we both have our main job responsibilities so we were not dedicated to it everyday/full time.


            I guess that's probably the main concern, the upfront time investment.  It will obviously be much less if you just have your VAR do it for you.  After which it's just tweaking, modifying, and maintenance.


            That said.  I would recommend self setup if you can swing it.  I prefer creating the system rather than trying to learn it.  You learn so much more that way and can fix/troubleshoot a lot of your own issues more quickly.