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Format -> Copy References

Question asked by K. St on Oct 15, 2015
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For my fellow colleagues i have been making a format of a product we make. This to ensure they all build out product the correct way.

This format is an Top assembly of a bridge. You can alter the railing between several types we have. And adjust the width/length (aswell some other dimensions).


extra information:

1. I have placed all of my assemblies and parts in 1 map.

2. I have made references from my assembly to my parts.

3. I have made equasions using information from assemblies and parts. (so 1 equasions can refer to a part and an assembly)


My problem:

I want my colleagues to ''only'' copy the ''format map''. Then they may atler everything to please there customer.

Except: Everything keeps refer to my ''format map''. Every time when a colleague want to alter a dimension, he will alter my format. So basically, everytime when they make a product. They keep working in the same document.


What i want:

I want all reference to remain inside the map when they copy it.


Thanks a lot!