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What service pack is the student edition 2015 in connection to compatiblity with windows 10?

Question asked by Jelmer Stegenga on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by Jelmer Stegenga

I read the article on the javelin website, it didn't mention the student edition. I did the KB3072630 thing with disabling and enabling it (don't know how to explain it). I can open SW and it looks like I can work in it, but there are several add-ins not working (i.e. simulation).


I use windows 10 (64bit), I like it and if it's remotely possible I don't want to switch back to 8.1 for SW...


Is there a solution or a work around for this problem? If there are questions about mine, then I can try to answer them.


Thanks in advance,