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What would cause an assembly to open differently on 2 different workstations....

Discussion created by Anthony Macke on Oct 14, 2015

All part files are located on a network drive.

No internal parts.

No parts on local hard drives.


When I open it, it's perfectly fine.

When the kid next to me opens it, it's got errors all over the place.


I fixed file references in the assembly yesterday. When I open the assembly, the parts I fixed/corrected show correctly.

When he opens it, the parts I fixed/corrected show as suppressed and have to be manually located when trying to un-suppress.


Under options/file locations "referenced documents" is empty on both computers.


We don't have pdm works or any other type of data management.


Why is my computer recognizing my file reference changes but his isn't?

I keep running into dead ends trying to figure it out myself.


Thanks in advance




Well, we fixed it before I could finish typing this out. lol.



Here's the steps that seemed to fix it:

1. I had him close the assembly (with errors) without saving.

2. I opened the assembly.

3. I clicked the save button.


Ta-Da, he can now open it with no errors and with the correct file references. Don'y know why this happened originally and don't know why this fixed it. Still wanted to post to see what kind of feedback I got to maybe not have this problem again.


(I opened and saved the assembly numerous times yesterday after correcting)



Hope everyone's having a fantastic Wednesday!!