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How to create a helical cut with a radiused taper?

Question asked by Ian Vivero on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by Matt Neuman

This is somewhat difficult to describe so please bear with me. I need to make a 10" pitch helical cut on a cylindrical part using a .5" diameter solid (referencing a .5" ball end mill). I'd done this with a solid sweep and a simple helix. Unfortunately now the customer wants the start and end of the cut to sweep in along a 1.125" radius while still at the same 10" pitch. I can manage this easily enough with a straight cut but can't figure out how to do this with a helical cut. I have attached a model showing the straight cut for illustrative purposes. The real issue I'm facing here is how to generate a path that is both helical about the centerline of the part and follows a radius from the od of the part to the full depth of cut. Any help would be greatly appreciated.