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Edit automatic properties of cut list elements

Question asked by Victor Costas on Oct 14, 2015

Dear all;


I need to personalize some things of SolidWorks. I know where are some files in .xml or .txt format where you can change some things of SolidWorks. On folder "\lang" there are .xml and .txt files that control names of the software. There I found some interesting things but I cannot change some options.


The first thing that I want to change, is the name of the automatic global value for sheet metal. I am using already the property "Thickness" as custom property, so it generates interference with equations. I can´t find where to change this on SolidWorks and I am using this property already in all my drawing formats and macros, so it would be hard to change this property name everywhere. I would like also to edit the automatic properties for sheet metal, so then I would automatically receive the desired properties.


The same happens for the automatic delimiter box. It generates some properties that I would like to edit and personalize and I can´t find where to change it.


I don´t know if this editable on the software, but I think that it should be because each company need to name things in a different way.



Regards and thanks in advance