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    Custom properties values from ePDM

    Christian Chu

      I'm currently using workgroup PDM and only revision, status (life cycle) and project (folder) can be seen in the file's custom properties

      I'm just wondering what I can see in the files custom properties from ePDM

      Thanks for any help

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Chris, I'm not sure I quite understand the question.


          In EPDM, properties are mapped from files to data cards. Any custom property (revision, description, material etc) can be mapped across.


          Furthermore, properties can be updated in Solidworks or in EPDM, and there is a bidirectional link so that the information is consistent in both places.


          I hope that helps.



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              Christian Chu

              thanks, Prasad

              I thought another way

              in workgroup PDM, say I have a file rev. "A" and "A" is shown in the custom properties

              When I check in this file to the Vault and bump revision up to "B" then the revision in custom properties is automatically changed to "B"

              My questions: what properties can be mapped from datacard to file's custom properties for automatic update?