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Sheetmetal Cone Help

Question asked by Matthw Wendlr on Aug 24, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2007 by Kenneth Barrentine
Hey guys, new to SW been using it for roughly 3 weeks.  I havegone through most of the tutorials as well as some online classes. However I am having trouble with a sheet metal part.  Iam trying to model a pro-mod drag race rear-end, however I can notget the cone to line up on the angled leading edges as wellas match the center bends.  Can someone give me a hand orat least some tips on how to get this.

The inner side needs to match the center bent section which is11.5", and the outer side needs to be 3" tall/wide, andextend to the longer point on each side of the front face.  Iguess you cant upload part files so here are some pictures of whatI am trying to accomplish.  

Thank you for some help.