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    Animation of configuration of subassembly

    Lukasz Stanislawski


      Is there a chance to make animation of assembly by changing the configuration of sub-assembly?


      Otherwords, I present short tree:

      • Assembly

                - subassembly 1

                          - item 1

                               - item 2 <- configuration change of this item.

                          - item 3

                - subassembly 2

                - subassembly 3


      So I would like to present animation in which 'item 2' will change its configuration. Configuration changes the position of this item which influence other items due to mates.


      Can I make it in solidworks?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Make a second configuration in subassembly 1 which has other configuration of item 2. Now insert that in main assembly in same position as instance 1. In animation you can show hide instance of subassembly 1 to reflect the configuration change


          If I can ask, what kind of position change is there, can you control those by mates instead?

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              Lukasz Stanislawski

              Thank you.

              I rather can't use mates in this case. To get example issue I used fishing example. The position change of sub-assemblies is described below (items has been changed - concept remains the same):

              A fishing rod rod with a line and hook... and you catch a fish:


              • Whole assembly

                            - Rod subassembly

                                       *Part of the rod 1 (2 configuration for that item - straight and bent. Top of the rod bends)

                                       *Part of the rod 2

                                       *Part of the rod 3

                            - Hook

                            - Line (2 configurations - Short and long. when you catch a fish line is long, when not line is short)


              Now I would like to have animation when I catch a fish and my rod and line animate from config 1 (straight position) to config 2 (fish catch position) together at once and in a smooth movement.


              I am not experienced in animations, sorry