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Beam Static Analysis Inconsistency - Beam VS Solid

Question asked by Greg Polymerou on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by Greg Polymerou

Hello everyone


I was trying to simulate a floor load for a platform and while tested the structural member using both treatment options (Beam and Solid) I got a huge deviation in both results.


The structural element I'm trying to simulate is a floor joist with a total load of 480kgf.


In treatment as beam:

1. I've defined the element as a beam and set the ends as hinged connections (Image B.1)

2. I have defined the two ends as joints (Image B.2)

3. I have applied a gravitational load and a live load of 480kgf in total (Image B.3)

4. I've set the the two end joints as fixed geometry (Image B.4)

5. Created the beam mesh (Image B.5)

6. Got the results with max deflection of 20.2mm (shown in 20 to 1 scale) (Image B.6)



In treatment as solid:

1. Set the element to be treated as solid

2. Set the supports as hinged supports in both ends (Image S.1)

3. Applied gravitational load and a total load of 480kgf (Image S.2)

4. Created the mesh (Image S.3)

5. Run the study and got the results of maximum deflection of 0.629mm (shown in 200 to 1 scale) (Image S.4)



Can anyone confirm both methods were done correctly and why there is such a huge deviation in the results?