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This dialog box is EVIL

Discussion created by Andy Sanders on Oct 13, 2015
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This little dialog box destroyed one of my assemblies.  I was writing out a STEP file and hit enter once too many times.  Not realizing what had happened, I saved.  Twice.


evil suppress dialog box.jpg


I've seen it many times before and ALWAYS hit "no".


I should have realized something was up because I got a few mate errors all of a sudden, but that's not uncommon.


The active configuration, with 4 separate, carefully created sub-assemblies with many suppressed parts were all unsuppressed.


Took me 1/2 hour to figure out what happened and fix it.  A least I think I did.


The really bad part about this box is, along with Solidworks new awful "feature" that will change subassembly parts like they were top level, this box propagates all it's fury all the way down.


Why can't this have an option to NOT do this and never ask again??


Better yet, why does it even exist?  I spend hours carefully constructing assemblies, along with their sub-assemblies with suppressed parts everywhere.  Why would you want to do this when you are just writing out a STEP file?


This dialog box is EVIL.