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    Office 2016 support?

    Anders Fjendbo

      Hello everyone


      In the system requirements I don't see Office 2016 as supported? Will the newer versions of SolidWorks work with Office 2016?


      System requirements: SOLIDWORKS System Requirements | Windows and Mac | SOLIDWORKS

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          Josh Mayes

          I'm looking for an answer to the same question.  According to the published system requirements at SOLIDWORKS System Requirements | Windows and Mac | SOLIDWORKS, only 2010 and 2013 versions of Excel and Word are listed as "supported".  Since our company has just upgraded to Office 2016, this raises a big question.  What problems might we expect to see in SOLIDWORKS if running a newer version of Excel?  We use Design Tables in every part/assembly file to manage our configurations.  Currently, users have either Office 2007 or 2010 installed, prior to (and now in addition to) Office 2016.  SolidWorks is preferring the latest version (Excel 2016) when a Design Table is opened.  I'm not sure how to force SOLIDWORKS to open the older version, or if it's even possible.  Initial testing shows compatibility (no obvious problems), however we are unsure if trouble may result from using an unsupported version of Office.  Does anyone have more information or experience with Office 2016 compatibility? NOTE: We are currently running SolidWorks 2011 SP4.0 (soon we will be upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP3.0, as we also upgrade our ENOVIA PLM product in kind).

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            Josh Mayes

            Anders, Here is another similar post.  Re: Does SW work with the new MS Office 2016?   Curious, what version of SOLIDWORKS are you using, and have you tried running Office 2016?  If so, please share your experience.

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              Julien Boissat

              There is currently no public information as to when Microsoft Office 2016 will be supported.

              Microsoft Office 2016 support has already been filed in our system as an existing Software Performance Report (SPR).  What this means is that our development team will be evaluating the request for possible inclusion in a future version of the software.  The reference number of the SPR is 911046, entitled "Provide Microsoft Office 2016 support".

              I suggest you add yourself to the list of customer are requesting this enhancement. Log in the Customer Portal and click on Enhancement Request. Then type the SPR number and search. Finally, when you click on the search result, you then have access to a form which you may fill.

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                Andries Koorzen

                Hi Everyone. For anyone coming across this post : SOLIDWORKS Products 2016 SP3.0  will officially support Office 2016