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Layers in a drawings

Question asked by Ben Fisher on Oct 13, 2015

I have addressed this issue in the past and I am still struggling with it.


I create assemblies to with parts in purely for positional purposes.

I create a layer which ghosts(grey) out what i do not require as to highlight what I am trying to show in my drawing.


There is some kind of bug that comes out to play sometimes!

In most instances I try to set the majority of the assembly to my "ghost"layer and it does not change all relatve parts , only a few.

restarting solidworks works sometimes but is not a reliable fix.


there are also way too many parts to click individually to change the layer( this doesnt work most of the time)


Please help


Please see below for your reference.

I require eveything to be ghosted excdpt the middle foundations.

The parts say they are in that layer but it does not propagate to the view