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How to get diameter and dimensions to asymmetrical section view

Question asked by Reiska Rallikuski on Oct 13, 2015
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I'm trying to get understandable drawing made out of spur gear. In my mind the section view of gear is the most intuitive to interpret, however, I'm having an issue to get all the necessary dimensions to show up in section view.


I kind of solved my problem by creating another model without gear teeth etc. features to make the section view clear enough and get all the dimensions, but this requires quite much work and is harder to automate using macros.


I've attached images of my drawings.


Round_gear.png shows how I would like to get the gear dimensions to show up in section view. This section view is created using two different models.


Spur_gear.png shows the gear with section view, but as the section view is not symmetrical, I can't get outer dimension and some other dimensions to show up correctly.


Please, would anyone have good ideas to solve this problem? I'm hoping to find an easy solution, which could be solved using macros too to automatically create drawing views from models/configures if possible.