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    Thomas Morgan-Witts

      I'm planning on taking the CSWA-S but I can't find any practice exams or more detail on the exam outside of the list of topics on the exam page.


      Does anyone have any experience on how difficult it is/how it's laid out and that sort of thing?

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          J. Mather

          Have you searched Google?

          I found a bunch of example exams last year when I did a search.


          Oops, I see you were looking for Simulation.

          Sorry about that.

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              Thomas Morgan-Witts

              CSWA - S. Not CSWA. They are separate exams that cover different material, hence why I posted this in the simulation section instead of the general section.


              That being said, I have in fact searched google and haven't been able to find much more information about it, which lead to me posting here in an attempt to get some more information about the exam.


              Edit: All good J.

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                  Janko Stellaard

                  Hi Thomas,


                  If you understand FEA it shouldn't be a difficult exam.


                  Most of the questions are about the topics in the SIM training manual. If you can find one and practice some exercises from the book, you should manage to do the exam.


                  Topics covered in the book and exam: SOLIDWORKS


                  Janko Stellaard

                  Cadmes BV

                  The Netherlands