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    Auto Add Drawing sheet and link with part configuration

    Ramu Eshwar

      Hi all,


      I have a component of 25 different sizes, with the help of design table i made that part of 25 individual configurations, i need to draft individual sizes of that part in drawing, is there any way that automatically sheets add in single ".sldwg" file and link with part configurations. I already completed drafting by manually copying individual sheets and adding configurations to it. I am looking for automatic Add Sheets and link configurations to it in Drafting like "Design table in part". i have attached 2 images of part and drafting with configurations highlighted.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I'm sorry, but I'm not real clear on what you're trying to do.  Once you have finished the drawing sheet for one configuration of the Part, you can copy the entire sheet, paste it (either as a second sheet in the same drawing, or into a new drawing file), and then change the configuration the drawing view in the new sheet is referencing.  All linked notes, dimensions, etc. will update to reflect the new configuration.  Does that help?

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            Garrett Matheron

            I'm not an API guy, but it sounds like what you need. As Glenn mentioned, you could do this with the copy sheet function and change all views to the next configuration, but that isn't automatic. The Task Scheduler has similar functionality, but it will only make an individual drawing per part. If you didn't want to get into API, you could use Save Bodies of each configuration, then run Task scheduler on the folder that you saved the bodies. Since you would be saving bodies, they are still linked to the original for updates/edits. The good/bad thing with save bodies is that you'll have to have both part files open to make updates/edits to the models you saved for the drawings. In the past, I was fine with this practice as it put an additional step in the process to help avoid the inadvertent drawing change.