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Solidworks Weldment Custom Properties & Sigmanest

Question asked by Clyde Gibson on Oct 12, 2015

Ok so have been importing Solidworks parts in sigmanest for a few years now. As soon as weldments came out we transitioned to using them as well. My problem occurs with the custom properties as shown in the following picture.


This is the Custom Property: "Description" that we use in our BOM. Which it populates in the Standard (non-CutList) BOM.



I would like to know what to put in the following "From Solidworks" column under the Part Property Mapping section. I have tried $PRPWLD:"Description" and just typing in DESCRIPTION, but cannot think of anything else.




If you are a Sigmanest user or master of Solidworks API, and could give me some suggestions, I would be grateful.