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Use Create PDF to Mirror Vault Files without C:\Vault in the Path

Question asked by Craig Burg on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by Craig Burg

As the first step of implementation, we will be use the Create PDF Add-In to create drawing files outside of the Vault on another network drive ("N:\").  We would like to keep the same directory structure outside of the vault as inside on the "mirror".  The Create PDF Task includes specification of the Default Path, but this always includes the local drive name.  These essentially become additional directories on the target N:\ drive.  The example under default path is "N:\C:\Vault\Part.pdf". 


When generated, the "C" and "Vault" directories are not needed and are confusing for our users outside of engineering.  We would like to keep the path without the root drive or vault name. 


KB solution S-061104 describes some modifications that may be similar, but I have been unsuccessful in modifying Advanced Scripting Options to date. 


Any help would be appreciated.