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Hold part after adjusting part's position

Question asked by Bo DO on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Bo DO

Hi guys,


I am designing a machine that used for assembly line. The machine working process as following:

1. Operator places 3 parts in a jig with locktie.

2. robot (hexapod form PI H-811 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod ) will pick up 1st part.

3. Camera will take a picture, then calculate positions and orientations of parts.

4. base on results of calculation, the haxapod will move part and place that part on a hole satisfying pre-defined tolerances.

5. the hexapod then will move to 2nd and 3rd part to do the same process as 1st part.

6. after adjusting 3 parts, heater will heat up locktie to fix 3 parts.


the problem here are:

1. I need a mechanism to hold 1st part in the positions and orientations that it  was adjusted, so the hexapod can move to 2nd and then 3rd.

in the original idea, we use 3 hexapods, but it is not economic to use 3 ones (1 hexapod costs about 28k USD, then if we use 3, the machine will be expensive and our customer doesn't except that cost).

2. so we have to design a jig to hold them, but the distance between parts are to small, like ~4mm distance between 2 adjacent parts (these parts are also small as well).


So I ask you guys here for any idea on designing a jig like I mentioned or

any others jigs/mechanisms that could help the machine work best.


Sorry, I cannot attach any file because it's company confidential.


I am looking forward for your feedback.

thank you all