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    How do I repair solidworks?

    Vagulus Dagg

      I am rolling out a tubular part to create a template drawing from which the ends can be cut.

      SWX Freezes.png

      I get this far and try to save my drawing, and SWX freezes.  The only way to get anywhere is to kill SWX with Task Manager, but that kills the template on the drawing as well.  Not much help.


      My machine is Intel QuadCore i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 16 GB RAM, MS Windows 7 Home Premium v. 6.1 64-bit SP1.

      It has a SAMSUNG U28D590D VDU driven by an NVIDIA QUADRO K620 Video Card and RealTek High Definition Audio on Motherboard MSI B75MA-P45

      I have Windows Security Essentials as Anti-virus with Memeo Backup Pro, IE11, and Skype all running in the background.


      Can anyone tell me why SWX freezes, and how to fix it?



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          Garrett Matheron

          I was able to save the drawing after including the flat pattern. I would recommend that instead of using an 'Unfold' feature for the flat, that you use instead the sheet metal 'Flatten' command in your Flat configuration. Regardless, it does seem your install could use a repair. To do this, go to Add/Remove Programs (via control panel or type in the windows search bar "add remove" and it will appear in the list). Once in the list, scroll down to the SOLIDWORKS entry, right-click and select 'Change'. When the installation manager pops up, select the radio button for ,Repair the individual installation' and follow the prompts. Before running the repair, go to your 'Copy Settings Wizard' found in the SOLIDWORKS Tools folder and copy your user settings.