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Help needed with ceiling fan design please

Question asked by Riaan Burger on Oct 10, 2015


I'm in the middle of a very interesting design project, but struggling with the 3D modeling of my concept. My concept revolved around Chinese knots and mobius strips.I have already made a model with ABS,but still struggling to get to grips with the 3D modelling on Solidworks. My presentation is on Monday and I would really appreciate any help/tips/guidance.


The design:


The ceiling fan has two blades that connect/interlock in the middle, with a motor on top.

The two identical blades are made up of two shapes that meet at the ends.

The first shape(the one on top) is an S-curve. The second shape is a twisted C-curve.

The S-curve and C-curve meet at the ends to form a mobius-like strip.


Could someone please assist me? I can't seem to find any models like this online.


Thank you,