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    Cannot see OK button

    David Archer

      Hi All.


      I have recently loaded my normal desktop Solidworks onto my old Laptop, I thought that would be useful when visiting clients.


      All works fine, but now I find that the screen resolution on the laptop is not large enough for me to reach right down to the bottom

      of some of these set-up screens.

      I can see all EXCEPT the OK  CANCEL and HELP buttons.


      Here is just one example.

      Why did the people at Solidworks put these buttons right, right down at the bottom of the page, which also cannot be resized by the mouse ?


      So in these cases I can change the settings, but cannot access or even see, the OK button to set the changes.


      Does anyone know the Windows 7 Pro 64 key combinations to press this OK button by using the keyboard  ??








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          Kevin Chandler



          Press the TAB key to cycle through the dialog controls until the focus is on OK, then press ENTER.

          Press Shift+TAB to travel in reverse control order. Handy when you overshoot.


          You may need to practice on your regular SW to see when OK gets its focus.

          You'll see a marquee around the control with focus.


          Also, you can press Alt+SPACEBAR to display the dialog's system menu (always in the upper left corner).

          On this menu is the "Move" command. Selecting this option allows you move the dialog using the arrow keys.

          This may allow you to move the dialog up until the buttons are visible.


          Note, a dialog can be programmed to prevent the system menu from displaying.

          If so, there's nothing you can do to change this behavior.

          I'm not in front of SW at the moment, so I don't know if this dialog does display a system menu or not.


          Lastly, can you record macros to toggle (to & from) the settings you need to modify?