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    Bend data table insertion

    Keith Rutter

      I would like to be able to add a Bend data table with the same drop down as , Revision Table, Bill of Materials, ect. in the annotations tab.


      I need to do this so I can update old drawings to have the bend data table. Right now I have to open the most up to date drawing format, copy the bend data table, then paste it over to the drawing I am currently working on. As you could imagine, when updating a large amount of drawings, this can be very time consuming.

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          Kevin Chandler



          Two questions:

          1) Are you asking about customizing the Command Bar so you don't have to click the Tables flyout?

          If so, right-click the cmd bar and select customize, select the Commands tab and select Table from the list. Drag the Bend Table icon to the cmd bar and click OK.


          2) Are you copying a custom bend table format from old drawings?

          If so, you can save this table's layout and use it for creating new tables.

          Right-click the 4-way arrow at the top left corner of the bend table and select "save as".

          Type a file name (the default extension is for this table so don't change that).

          The default location is:

          C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\lang\English


          Start a new bend table and enter your new table name in the table template box.

          SW should remember this name for future tables so you won't have to re-enter it until a different template is used.


          I hope this helps (and that I understood your post).