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Solidworks PDM Standard - what does the 10Gb database limit mean?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Jason Kerns

We are all forced to change to Solidworks PDM Standard from Workgroup PDM.


Solidworks PDM Standard operates with a database size limit of 10Gb for its SQL express database.


Elsewhere there has been discussion about what this means. Is it a limit on vault size? nobody has provided a definite answer.


With 2 regular and one casual user our WGPDM vault has grown to 33Gb.

surely this 10Gb limit on PDM standards SQL database doesn't mean our little company has to pay ££££££ ($$$$$$) for an upgraded product compared to the standard one?

SW are saying Solidworks PDM Standard should be good for 54-10 users on one site!


It seems crazy that I see this question asked in multiple places but solidworks doesn't jump on it with a definite answer to prevent worry and an underlying build up of ill feeling...

...unless that 10Gb limit is a limit on our files, and we are all floating the wrong way in a river of excrement and SW teases us from the shore with an offer of a very expensive paddle....