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Heal edge doesn't work

Question asked by Jerry Wong on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by Jerry Wong

Hey guys I have a problem when I tried to heal edge.

This is a freeform surfaces which I copied from a leaf of turbine fan, and it is located in a part. I used the method provided by SolidWorks Tutorial: Copy Surfaces From A Part Into Another Part - YouTube
Now I need to heal the edge of the extracted surface. The surface is like this.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 15.26.32.png

But when I tried to heal the edge along the long edges it just cannot do it.Screenshot 2015-10-09 15.29.31.png

Just like what you see, the edge number isn't reduced at all. The longest edge is just about 22mm so I don't think there is any problem in parameter setting.

The part file is  attached here.

Could anyone please tell we how to fix this problem? Thank you.