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how can skip a dialog box by saveas command in a macro?

Question asked by Alex Verschuren on Oct 9, 2015
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I'm using a macro for saving a assembly file to a part document.

every time solidworks shows a pop-up for selecting which kind of part should be selected.

We use in our company 2 different part types (saved in a 'prtdot' file). BUT... for making the (temporarely) part document it is not necessary to select one of these parts. (could be either one). In the system options, default templates the 'prompt user to select document template' is selected.

I need to make the part of the assembly for creating a STEP file afterwards the file will be deleted.

Which command (VBA) can I use to skip the dialog box and/or use e.g. the first prtdot template file?

Or is there an othe way to overrule this issue?