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iges assembly import error

Question asked by Todd Lorey on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by Todd Lorey

When I try to import an IGES assembly, I get errors and the file actually wants to save as an Assembly.asmdot file (which shows up across the title bar at the top of Solidworks.  The feature tree on the left shows a recursive assembly name from a previous import that shows up at the top level of the assembly and inside each level of sub assemblies in the tree...  In other words, it is trying to include this phantom sub assembly everywhere there is another sub assembly.  150923 - changes-for-infinite-vision is the "phantom" sub assembly (see screenshot of tree below).  I did successfully import the phantom sub assembly yesterday, but now every time I try to import another sub assembly, this one shows up.  I hope that makes sense.


Any ideas?


SW2015 SP4

Windows 7pro x64