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    Boundary loft showing not saving

    Tom Mallard

      The idea is working to join a wing section to a hub, using a simple extrude to test the idea & it's a good shape now.


      But it's not saving yet, tried most obvious ideas except no direction 2 path not sure how to.


      Ideas & thoughts welcome, thanks.



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          Ingvar Magnusson

          What happens next ? Error message or ?


          Can you upload the part.

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            John Stoltzfus

            What if you make the part in reverse, so the wing first, thicken and do a cut extrude through for the hub section....

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                Tom Mallard

                The reason is that the wing is too big so I'm reducing the shape to the hub that's much smaller in radius not so much in height, then having to maintain the structural as this holds the load.


                I really like the shape now, no clue on how to adjust tangency where it joins the cylinder, in the real hub part it makes contact right at the top of the profile.


                Sso at first used that, same problem, it lofted & doesn't save with no errors so tried this full wrap & it has the perfect shape, will take it and to refine it I want to alter tangents so it's horizontal at the top and cuts on that into the hub more normal to the cylinder.


                If those save that way it does loft from the tip into that profile no problem ...I'm clueless on the 2nd direction & how to use that.




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                Tom Mallard

                The solution was simple, create the curve to loft to on a plane normal to the hub axis !!! ... It lofted the first time, I'd call that a best-practice.


                Stoked, this was from an insider tip as something to try so posting it for others.


                The blue highlights the plane & new spline drawn on it that lofted to the first profile, that was the problem section.


                Just sayin', most of this will be cut, I altered the new spline to get a better angle to the underside at the edges & it lofted from that enlarged curve all the way, so satisfying.


                Anyway, the structure is there I need for stress & got 0.45mm thickness before it fails, redoing the next two sections.


                It's really important to loft complex things to a plane first and adjust that curve to get your desired one, like a projection you can scale, scale up on the axis curve to match it in this case I added more forward and below to come out to 0.045mm, with those changes it'll make 1.25mm the spec..