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Question asked by Steve Thomas on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Ned Hutchinson

I need to change the BOM’s QTY column to callout quantities of each for purchase parts when they are used and square inches when cutting a sheet of material is used. The square inches should include both round and square parts linking to the parts geometry in order to automatically update the QTY in the BOM. I don’t need the surface area for round parts. Round parts need to be squared for the BOM QTY only. Of course there will only be one quantity used per call out. If purchase part(s) are call out then I need total unit(s.) If parts are manufactured with sheets of material then square inches needs to be call out, total of square inches. Also, I need the QTY call out to include linear inches, as well, when using linear stock. Recap, I need total units, total square inches and total linear inches all in the same call out, thanks.






3.28 SF


4.50 LF